Recommendation: 2019004-18

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Ref # 2019004-18
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Road Rail Vehicle occurrences on Iarnród Éireann Network
Occurrence Date 24 September 2015

Basis for Recommendation

The PICs/ RRVCs involved in the RRV accidents and incidents, made some mistakes in terms of not identifying the correct position of the points, not requesting points movements, on-tracking RRVs on wrong roads and not reporting accidents, as a result the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-IM should review and update the training requirements of RRVCs with a view to incorporating:

  • Basic infrastructure training (e.g. points);
  • Training in communications with relevant staff;
  • Practical RRV training to ensure they have confidence in accepting pre-operations checklists from RRVOs as set out in the IÉ Rule Book.