Recommendation: 2019004-06

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Ref # 2019004-06
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Road Rail Vehicle occurrences on Iarnród Éireann Network
Occurrence Date 24 September 2015

Basis for Recommendation

In terms of post incident/ accident assessment of RRVs, it is noted that IÉ-IM or the contractors did not carry out any brake testing of RRVs or any other substantial checks, in particular, in the cases where RRVOs lost control of the RRVs and the RRVs were allowed back into service without verification that the RRV operated appropriately. This is particularly important given that Type 9B RRVs are without direct rail wheel braking, as a result, It has been noted that IÉ-IM have requested RRVOs to conduct inspections post incident to ensure that poor brake performance or any other faulty system were not a cause of the incident. IÉ-IM now need to document this in their own procedure, as such, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-IM should include, in their post-occurrence procedures, a requirement to verify the performance of RRVs (including braking performance) involved in accident, incidents or dangerous occurrences (near misses) to ensure the requirements of the CCE Plant and Machinery Standards are met in full; this should involve the completion of a full post-occurrence examination of the RRV by the contractor. A requirement that RRVs involved in accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences (near misses) are not permitted back onto the IÉ network until the post-occurrence procedures have been completed and the RRV is confirmed fit and safe for use.