Current Investigations

  • Collision between an IÉ train and rail equipment between Newbridge and Kildare, 27th August 2021 ***Interim Statement - In compliance with Section 9(c) S.I. No. 430 -  EU (Railway Safety) (Reporting and Investigation of Serious Accidents, Accidents and Incidents) Regulations 2020, the RAIU will be unable to complete this investigation within the 12 month period referred to in Section 9(b). This is attributable to late notification of the accident and the need to seek and preserve further evidence in connection with safety issues identified in T3 Possessions. The investigation is ongoing, with no urgent safety issues identified to date. It is expected the report will be completed by year end.***
  • IÉ operational irregularity, Clontarf Road, 7th December 2021
  • IÉ member of staff struck and injured by Road Rail Vehicle (RRV), Tivoli, Cork, 6th July 2022
  • IÉ impromptu evacuations of passengers from DART trains, Bray, 24th July 2022
  • Luas tram current return circuit failure at Connolly Stop, 25th October 2022

Completed Investigations

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