Current Investigations

  • IÉ self-detrainment of passengers from DART trains, between Shankill and Bray, 24th July 2022 - Interim Statement  - The RAIU investigation is near completion and a draft investigation report has been sent to relevant parties for consultation, comments have been returned and are being reviewed, further consultation is required. The final report is expected to be made public in December 2023.
  • IÉ broken rail (thermit weld) near Emly Level Crossing (XC164) on the 22nd February 2023 
  • IÉ broken rail (flash butt weld) near Newbridge on the 23rd February 2023
  • IÉ collision between a car and a train at Level Crossing XM190, near Claremorris, on the 9th September 2023

Completed Investigations

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