Recommendation: 2019004-14

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Ref # 2019004-14
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Road Rail Vehicle occurrences on Iarnród Éireann Network
Occurrence Date 24 September 2015

Basis for Recommendation

In terms of contractor’s Safety Statements, the RAIU found that hazards were not identified and there were errors in their systems of working. In addition to improvements to contractor’s high-level safety documents, this investigation found that method statements were not in place, or not briefed, for all the occurrences. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-IM should conduct an audit on RRV contractor’s safety documents with a view to identifying deficiencies in terms of safety and ensuring the appropriate safety documentation is produced for the works; IÉ-IM should support and offer guidance to the RRV contractors in terms of the identification of hazards and methods of working on a railway network.