Recommendation: 2019004-13

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Ref # 2019004-13
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Road Rail Vehicle occurrences on Iarnród Éireann Network
Occurrence Date 24 September 2015

Basis for Recommendation

I-PLM-5110 is a very high-level document, with little detail on how to address or brief (to RRVOs) site-specific hazards for RRVs, such as gradients of track and rail contamination; as well as consideration for the orientation of the RRVs when travelling in convoy (e.g. bin-to-bin) (paragraphs 478 - 480); and the spacing between RRVs, informally set at 100 m. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-IM should update their CCE Plant and Machinery Standards to ensure that RRV contractors are either provided with, or required to identify, the hazards associated with track gradient, rail contamination (or other low adhesion conditions) and RRV orientation and position on track through:

  • Assessing documentation on the site-specific hazards associated with RRV and ensuring these are addressed in contractor’s safety documentation;
  • Setting requirements in relation to the spacing between RRVs when travelling in convoy (e.g. 100 m) and putting in place a regime to ensure these requirements are met;
  • Training RRVCs/RRVOs on the risks associated with track gradient, rail contamination and RRV orientation and guidance on how to manage these risks in a braking emergency.