Recommendation: 2019004-16

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Ref # 2019004-16
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Road Rail Vehicle occurrences on Iarnród Éireann Network
Occurrence Date 24 September 2015

Basis for Recommendation

Section Q 2018, does make a number of other changes, related to protection arrangements, CCTV level crossings and speed limits, although it should be noted that I-PLM-5001 requires that the maximum speed over checkrails is 2 km/h, which currently is not in Section Q 2108. In addition, one of the requirements of Section Q 2018 is currently not being implemented, in that IÉ-IM’s RRVCs are not collecting the pre-operations checklist from the RRVOs. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-IM should update their CCE Plant and Machinery Standards to include the requirements set out in Section Q 2018 of the IÉ Rule Book related to the collection of pre-operation checklists by the RRVCs from the RRVOs; and ensure these requirements are enforced through compliance verification activities.