Recommendation: 2022003-08

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Ref # 2022003-08
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Trend investigation into Signals Passed At Stop on the Luas network
Occurrence Date 03 January 2020

Basis for Recommendation

Transdev Dublin Light Rail (TDLR) do not refer to the “Stop” aspect as a “Stop” aspect and instead it is referred to as a “Do not Proceed” aspect in the Tranway Safety Instruction (TSI) Manual, internal investigation reports, Traffic Event Database (TED) recordings, etc. In addition, it does not refer to the “Stop, unless too close to Stop Safely” aspect as a “Stop” aspect, instead it is referred to as a “cluster” in investigation reports, TED recordings and a safety notice. Also, the “Stop, single dot, contact CCR for instruction” aspect is not referred to as a “Stop” aspect, but instead as a “Single dot aspect”. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Transdev Dublin Ireland (TDLR) should ensure that tram signals are referenced correctly in the TDLR suite of documents, this in turn should reinforce, to the drivers, which signals are Stop signals.