Recommendation: 2023004-04

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Ref # 2023004-04
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Failure of a Current Return Cable on a Luas Tram, Connolly Stop, 25th October 2022
Occurrence Date 25 October 2022

Basis for Recommendation

WI-00814, Preparation before and after wheel turning requires the asset number and a test of the torque wrench to be carried out but does not state where the asset number should be recorded. TDLR-FRM-ENG-023 Citadis 401 Wheel Turning Certificate Issue A November 2020 contains space for the Maintenance Technician to record many critical dimensions and conformation of completing tasks. The recording of the torque wrench test, serial number and torque achieved in the Certificate would provide an easy means of spot checking by the MTMs that all safety critical tasks were completed.


TDLR should consider updating the Wheel Turning Certificate to provide a space for the torque wrench registration number conformation of test and torque value achieved when reattaching the Current return and Earth Shunt cables with a space for sign off.