Recommendation: 2023002-07

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Ref # 2023002-07
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Collision with track equipment between Newbridge and Kildare, 27th August 2021
Occurrence Date 27 August 2021

Basis for Recommendation

The location of 9 m rail to be replaced was moved to allow for the damaged section of rail to be replaced; and not recorded in the “Shift Report” completed by the PIC, then acting as ES; and, it is not clear when STSEs would have noticed despite being directly accountable for the quality of work that affects track safety as set out in CCE-SMS-001 and CCE-SMS-008. CCE-SMS-008 does not appear to have stringent checks in relation to the quality of works carried out; with its main focus being on the contractors’ method statements. The RAIU consider this warrants a safety recommendation:


The CCE Department review and update CCE-SMS-001 and CCE-SMS-008 with a view to addressing the monitoring and supervision of works, in terms of quality of works that affects track safety, which are carried out under internal method statements (and contractor) method statements.