Recommendation: 202102-05

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Ref # 202102-05
Status Further Evidence Requested
Occurrence Collision between a Bord na Móna Flat Wagon and Kilcolgan Level Crossing Gates, Offaly, 8th June 2020
Occurrence Date 08 June 2020

Basis for Recommendation

A remedial action from “Investigation Report Collision between Bord na Móna Locomotive LM411 and Endrim Gates (21-05) 21st September 2017” requiring a technical evaluation into the locomotive stopping distances, derailing points, wagon coupling systems and the possible wider implication of this event to the other Bord na Móna rail crossings has not been commenced; as such potential risks remain open. While the derailing points were closed at the time of the accident; the risks to road users as a result of potentially inadequate derailing points should be reviewed by Bord na Móna; as a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


The Engineering Department of Bord na Móna should carry out the technical evaluation into the efficacy of the derailing points, etc. identified in Bord na Móna internal investigation report into the collision between a Bord na Móna locomotive and the gates of Endrim Gates on the 21st September 2017.