Recommendation: 202102-02

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Ref # 202102-02
Status Closed
Occurrence Collision between a Bord na Móna Flat Wagon and Kilcolgan Level Crossing Gates, Offaly, 8th June 2020
Occurrence Date 08 June 2020
Date Closed 26/07/2021

Basis for Recommendation

In relation to the Procedures for Rerailing Wagons / Rail Stock, there are a number of omissions in relation to the: use of wheel chocks to secure rerailed stock; procedures for rerailing on a gradient; and visual checks of lifting chains before use. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation


Bord na Móna should review and update its Procedure for Rerailing Wagons / Rail Stock to ensure that there are clear instructions in relation to how to: visually check the lifting chains; rerail; and, safety secure rerailed stock.