Recommendation: 2020001-08

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Ref # 2020001-08
Status Further Evidence Requested
Occurrence Passenger trap-and-drag on Luas tram at Heuston Stop, 26th March 2019
Occurrence Date 26 March 2019

Basis for Recommendation

Alstom conduct the maintenance through their Work Instructions, and although there is an examination for the 10 mm obstacle detection, there are no examinations in relation to: sensitivity of obstacle detection; door impact for closing forces; obstacle removal forces as set out in I.S. EN 14752; although it is again noted that this standard was not required to be compiled with at the time of the incident; as a result the RAIU make the following recommendation:


Transdev should update their Work Instructions to ensure that appropriate testing is conducted for sensitivity of obstacle detection, door impact for closing forces and obstacle removal forces; the requirements set out in I.S. EN 14752 should be used, as appropriate.