Recommendation: 2023003-02

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Ref # 2023003-02
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Collision of an RRV Dumper with a member of Iarnród Éireann infrastructure maintenance staff, Tivoli, Cork, 6th July 2022
Occurrence Date 06 July 2022

Basis for Recommendation

The PIC-RRV requested that the RRV Dumpers remain switched on due to concerns they might not re-start, despite RA14658 (Hazard 4, RRV Movements) requiring RRVs to be switched off if they remain stationary on the track (Footnote 9). RA14658 did not address the requirement for stationary RRVs to display red lights at both ends of the vehicle (so they always remain visible). The RAIU consider that RA14658 be reviewed to re-consider the risk controls related to the hazard.


IÉ-IM CCE should re-examine the risk assessment related to RRV movements, where previous control measures cannot be implemented (i.e. RRV engines cannot be switched off), alternatives should be considered.