Recommendation: 202106-02

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Ref # 202106-02
Status Further Evidence Requested
Occurrence Luas Overhead Line Failure, Stillorgan, 2nd November 2020
Occurrence Date 02 November 2020

Basis for Recommendation

In terms of the re-energisation of the Overhead Contact System (OCS) wire, after initial failure of the OCS, the Traffic Supervisor permitted trams to travel in the area of the de-energised tram (Tram 5010 at Stillorgan); which resulted in Tram 5003 travelling to Sandyford, with the pantograph of Tram 5003 bridging the Insulated Overlap between Sandyford Electrical Sub Station (ESS) and Central Park. It appears that the current suite of documents in relation to dewirement/incident management (i.e. Dewirement Guide and Incident Management Procedure) fail to address the events of the day of the incident. As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Transdev should conduct a full review and update of their dewirement/incident management documents, to ensure that dewirement incidents are fully addressed; in particular in relation to zone identification for de-energised sections of track in the event of an incident. These documents should then be fully briefed to the Traffic Supervisors.