Recommendation: 2019001-01

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Ref # 2019001-01
Status Further Evidence Requested
Occurrence Wrongside Door Fault at Ashtown
Occurrence Date 12 August 2018

Basis for Recommendation

Vehicle Maintenance Instruction (VMI) Z1C29A0001 'Examination of 29000 class vehicle after an incident/accident' did not require a thorough examination of the coupler after the collision on the 6th June 2018, despite the examination identifying damage to the exterior of the coupler; a more thorough examination would have identified the detached crimps, as a result the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ-RU CME should review VMI Z1C29A0001 ‘Examination of 29000 class vehicle after an incident / accident’ to develop a more thorough and robust VMI that is commensurate with the safety risk of faults occurring after rolling stock has been involved in an incident or accident.