Recommendation: 2013-004

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Ref # 2013-004
Status Closed
Occurrence Tractor struck train at level crossing XE020
Occurrence Date 20 June 2012
Date Closed 02/06/2017

Basis for Recommendation

IÉ included information for the Signalman on Information Asset Management System based on the previous RAIU safety recommendation above. Given that IÉ consider this previous safety recommendation to be complete despite the Signalman being unable to communicate clearly with the emergency services and with the Signalman continuing to use railway terminology there is some doubt that this recommendation has been completed adequately. Therefore the RAIU reinforce their previous safety recommendation with the following new safety recommendation:


IÉ staff who may be required to contact the emergency services should have the appropriate information readily available to them in order to give clear instructions to the emergency services in order that they can attend accident sites in a prompt manner. This information should then be updated in IÉ’s Rule Book.