Recommendation: 2013-003

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Ref # 2013-003
Status Closed
Occurrence Tractor struck train at level crossing XE020
Occurrence Date 20 June 2012
Date Closed 16/03/2017

Basis for Recommendation

IÉ’s Level Crossing Risk Model system failed to recognise the high risk associated with the viewing distances at the level crossing, which may have resulted in a lack of urgency for upgrade works at the level crossing. The Level Crossing Risk Model system also applies generic solutions (such as speed reduction) to level crossings which may not in fact mitigate the risk of striking vehicles (i.e. the Tractor still had to enter into the swept path of the train in order to look for trains). Therefore the RAIU make for following safety recommendation:


IÉ should audit their Level Crossing Risk Model system, to ensure it correctly identifies high risk level crossings; and identifies appropriate risk mitigation measures for individual level crossings.