Recommendation: 2024002-04

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Ref # 2024002-04
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Broken Rail near Emly, County Tipperary, 22nd February 2023
Occurrence Date 22 February 2023

Basis for Recommendation

The CWR Record Sheet in CCE-TMS-323 has no sections for the Person in Charge of Stressing to record the serial number and date of calibration/ recalibration of the Rail Tensor being used, the pressure reading on the pressure gauges and the frequency of the checks on the pressure gauges.


IÉ-IM CCE should review and update the CWR Record Sheet to include sections for recording the serial number and calibration/ recalibration date of the Rail Tensors being used, the pressure gauge readings and the frequency of these checks on the pressure gauges. On completion, ensure staff are briefed on the changes, and changes should be incorporated into future training programmes for a Person in Charge of Stressing.