Recommendation: 202004-03

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Ref # 202004-03
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Collision between an Iarnród Éireann passenger train and rail-mounted maintenance equipment, Rosslare, Wexford, 11th January 2020
Occurrence Date 11 January 2020

Basis for Recommendation

In terms of the Ganger’s Handbook, this was document forwarded to the RAIU as “these works are classed as light maintenance activities similar to other works covered in the Ganger’s Handbook and was covered under the Track Safety Co-ordinator briefing”. The RAIU found no similar activities, and as a result, make the following safety recommendation:


Iarnród Éireann - Infrastrcture Manager should update their Mobile Gang Work Instructions, I-PWY-1490, (Ganger’s Handbook) to ensure that all routine light maintenance activities are included. Systems, e.g., training, should be put in place to ensure that relevant staff can undertake dynamic risk assessments should non-routine activities need to be undertaken that are not described in the Ganger’s Handbook.