Recommendation: 2020003-01

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Ref # 2020003-01
Status Further Evidence Requested
Occurrence Near miss with an Iarnród Éireann SET Worker at Rush and Lusk Station, 20th June 2019
Occurrence Date 20 June 2019

Basis for Recommendation

As a result of the SET Worker going onto the track without conducting a review of his safety, either at the pre-planning stage or at the inspection site, despite being aware being experienced and aware of the requirements of the Iarnród Éireann Rule Book; and despite not being required to access the track to conduct the inspection, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation, directed at all Iarnród Éireann - Infrastructure Manager staff:


The Iarnród Éireann - Infrastructure Manager Signalling, Electrical and Telecommunications (SET) Department should develop a formalised process, through their Safety Management System suite of documents, for Iarnród Éireann -Infrastructure Manager SET staff walking/ working alone, which should be completed prior to any member of SET staff going on or near the line; at a minimum consideration should be given to:
• Whether it is necessary to go on or near the line to conduct the walk / work;
• What local knowledge is required to walk /work safely;
• Whether all the requirements of the Iarnród Éireann Rule Book / Safe System Of Work can be met;
• What special protection arrangements are required either at night or during the day.