Recommendation: 2019003-01

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Ref # 2019003-01
Status Closed
Occurrence Vehicle struck by train at Cartron level crossing, XM220, Co. Mayo, 17th August 2018
Occurrence Date 17 August 2018
Date Closed 28/01/2020

Basis for Recommendation

There is prolific misuse of LC XM220 with the gates of the level crossing being left open, or in some cases, tied open. IÉ-IM, in conjunction with the Road Safety Authority and the Commission for Railway Regulation, have made efforts to inform users of the importance of closing the gates at O/OP Type Level Crossings; however, there has been no apparent changes to the users’ behaviours at LC XM220. Had the gates been closed as the Truck Driver approached LC XM220, it is likely he would have either been in the process of opening the gates or turning the Truck in advance of LC XM220 (CF-01, CF-02, UC-01). As a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Iarnród Éireann - Infrastructure Manager should consider options to upgrade Level Crossing XM220 to minimise the requirement of direct action by the users.