Recommendation: 2019002-02

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Ref # 2019002-02
Status Open / In progress
Occurrence Collision of an ICR with a buffer stop at LTCD
Occurrence Date 17 July 2018

Basis for Recommendation

The InterCity Railcar (ICR) Hauling Assisting Instructions were not complied with for the previous movement of the vehicle on the 12th July resulting in ICR 16 being stabled with the brakes isolated for five days prior to the day of the accident; as a result, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Iarnród Éireann (Railway Undertaking) Chief Mechanical Engineer's Department should review the suite of Laois Train Care Depot (LTCD) documents that relate to the management of moving trains within LTCD to ensure they are consistent and adequately reference any existing supporting documentation (e.g. InterCity Railcar Hauling Assisting Instructions).