Recommendation: 2018-003

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Ref # 2018-003
Status Closed
Occurrence Derailment of DART passenger service, at Points DL115, Dun Laoghaire, 13th September 2017
Occurrence Date 13 September 2017
Date Closed 24/11/2021

Basis for Recommendation

The Iarnród Éireann suite of documents related the management of passengers during a major customer disruption, does not adequately address the issues associated with uncontrolled impromptu evacuations, or, how these can be avoided; as a result the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Iarnród Éireann (Railway Undertaking) should review their suite of documents which reference major customer disruptions and emergencies, and address any deficiencies in relation to the management of passengers on trains and uncontrolled impromptu evacuations. These documents should then be briefed to staff who have roles in relation to customer disruptions and emergencies to ensure they are aware of their responsibilities.