Recommendation: 2017-008

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Ref # 2017-008
Status Closed
Occurrence Near miss at Knockcroghery Level Crossing, XM065, Co. Roscommon 31st Janurary 2017
Occurrence Date 31 January 2017
Date Closed 31/12/2018

Basis for Recommendation

As the Level Crossing Control Operator (LCCO) did not apply adequate non-technical skills, when clearing the level crossing, and given that the RAIU have identified that there is a trend in LCCOs not identifying stationary obstructions at level crossings; and, that the LCCOs do not have adequate documentation to support this training, the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


Iarnród Éireann (IÉ) (Infrastructure Manager (IM)) should review the human factors and non-technical skills training for Level Crossing Control Operatives (LCCOs), and introduce further training, where applicable. In addition, IÉ IM should finalise the Professional Support Handbook for Level Crossing Control Operators; to provide guidance for LCCOs in the areas of human factors and non-technical skills.