Recommendation: 2015-001

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Ref # 2015-001
Status Closed
Occurrence Vehicle struck by train at Corraun level crossing, XX024, Co. Mayo.
Occurrence Date 12 February 2014
Date Closed 15/11/2022

Basis for Recommendation

This Level Crossing is a frequently misused level crossing. On the day of the accident, had IÉ fully implemented an RAIU safety recommendation made in 2009 and re-iterated in 2011 requiring IÉ to identify and take proactive actions to manage regularly misused level crossings this accident might not have occurred. If the Van Driver approached the Level Crossing with the gates closed and would have been in the process of opening the gates as the train passed, therefore the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ should consider options to upgrade the crossing to minimise direct action by the users.