Recommendation: 2014-025

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Ref # 2014-025
Status Closed
Occurrence Rock fall at Plunkett Station, Waterford.
Occurrence Date 31 December 2013
Date Closed 20/09/2016

Basis for Recommendation

There is inconsistency between the mandatory standard (CCE-STR-STD-2100) and the non-mandatory guidance document (CCE-STR-GDN-2802) in terms of requirements for maintenance e.g. CCE-STR-GDN-2802 states that there should be an “Increase in maintenance to correct defects” for a Condition Rating 3 asset, whereas CCE-STR-STD-2100 has no such requirements in terms of maintenance. As a result the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ IM CCE should complete thorough reviews of CCE-STR-STD-2100 and CCE-STR-GDN-2802 in terms of maintenance requirements to ensure consistency throughout both documents.