Recommendation: 2014-012

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Ref # 2014-012
Status Closed
Occurrence DART wrongside door failure, Salthill & Monkstown Station
Occurrence Date 10 August 2013
Date Closed 01/09/2016

Basis for Recommendation

However, Train Driver B did not carry out the full train preparation instructions as set out in the Drivers’ Manual (CF-03), assuming they had been carried out by Train Driver A. In addition, the Drivers’ Manual does not include any instructions to drivers on any actions to take in relation to the blue Door Interlock Light being illuminated when the passengers doors remain open (AO-01). Therefore the RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


DART Operations (IÉ RU) should update the applicable EMU Drivers’ Manuals to include specific guidance on the requirement for the examination of couplers. The update should also include guidance on associated testing of coupler integrity and guidance on any indications in the driving cab that would assist the driver in detecting any coupler failure.