Recommendation: 2012-003

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Ref # 2012-003
Status Closed
Occurrence Car Strike at Morrough Level Crossing, XG173, Galway.
Occurrence Date 14 February 2011
Date Closed 31/12/2018

Basis for Recommendation

As a result of the informal approaches taken by IÉ and the RSC in relation to the certification and approval of the changes to signage at user worked level crossing, this allowed IÉ to introduce updated signage without adhering to their own mandatory requirements in relation to changes to Plant, Equipment, Infrastructure or Operations. This may have resulted in a more informal approach to be taken by the RSC in relation to approving the signage. The RAIU make the following safety recommendation:


IÉ should ensure that they adopt their own standards in relation to design changes to any Plant, Equipment, Infrastructure or Operations that has the potential to affect safety.