Recommendation: 2011-013

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Ref # 2011-013
Status Closed
Occurrence Road vehicle struck at level crossing XM096, County Roscommon.
Occurrence Date 02 September 2010
Date Closed 16/03/2017

Basis for Recommendation

The information provided to LC users in the signage at XM096 was not found to reflect the information in the LC user booklet on the railway signals or the action to take in case of difficulty crossing the railway, leading to the following safety recommendation:


IÉ should review the effectiveness of its signage at user worked LCs and amend it where appropriate, taking into account the information provided in the LC user booklet. The review should include the information on the use of railway signals, what to do in case of difficulty when crossing the railway and ensuring the signage is illustrated in a clear and concise manner, taking into account current best practice and statutory requirements.